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Aluminum cutting machine(MR-AC2406)

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Aluminum cutting machine(MR-AC2406)


Light weighted and easily usable Aluminum cutting machine MR-AC2406 of MIRAE LNS

As a standardization of previous Aluminum cutting machines, this cutter is used for aluminum frame, aluminum round things, aluminum pipe etc.

The characteristic of this product is that in its basic form it cuts 1800mm length, and if necessary, the left wing is unfolded to cut up to 2400mm.
This is a product that considers the convenience of users and has a nice design.

If you are equipped with Acrylic panel cutting machine, Edge trimmer, Light Guide Panel Processor, and this Aluminum cutting machine, you can immediately produce complete light panel products after buying frame.


│Aluminum cutting machine MR-AC2406, Brief Specifications│


- Circular Saw Specification

2400mm x 550mm x 900mm(1400mm)
Power Consumption
Blade Diameter
255mm ~ 260mm
No-load speed
Saw Size
530mm x 476mm x 532mm
Double insulation, electronic brake, soft start
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